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 Hangzhou oushuo Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd. is a new intelligent enterprise integrating lean manufacturing of automatic car washing equipment and Internet application. Founded in 2013, it is located at No. 288, Tianmu Shanxi Road, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, covering an area of about 10000 square meters. It has a technical engineer from Zhejiang University and other institutions of higher learning who specializes in the research, development and production of automatic computer cleaning equipment The products have obtained nearly 20 national patents. "Bow" type jet cleaning design mode, automatic identification of vehicle size, high-quality intelligent lifting cleaning system, better 360 degree surround cleaning body surface, so that customers can get low-cost and high-efficiency car washing equipment.

In the process of production and development, the products are strongly supported by the leaders of Zhejiang Province and the competent department of Hangzhou City, and visit our company for investigation and guidance. BLK series car washing machine products are diversified in form and complete in variety. Adhering to scientific and technological innovation, it greatly reduces the failure rate and maintenance rate of car washing equipment, and has won many provincial and municipal environmental protection science and technology progress awards.With the continuous development and innovation of the company’s engineering and technical personnel, the equipment has a high degree of automation, fast washing speed, simple installation and automatic sewage circulation system, which can meet the rapid installation and use in different sites and different states. In addition, special models of car washes can be customized according to the needs of the user’s site, so that private owners and engineering transport vehicles can go on the road clean, so that we can Our city is cleaner and the sky is bluer, so that our citizens can get rid of the role of "vacuum cleaner" and take a deep breath freely, which is our company’s goal. 

with the appearance of "bolank" brand car washing equipment, it has opened a new page in China’s car beauty car washing equipment industry. The company has always been based on the needs of the terminal Automobile beauty and decoration industry, so as to avoid wiping the "bow" type of contactless automatic car washing machine, so as to meet various cleaning requirements of different customers. And constantly changing innovative ideas, so that the designed products more in line with customer requirements, reflecting our more professional. With low cost and high efficiency, new car washing methods appear in front of consumers.The company adheres to the development route of "high quality, high efficiency and high performance products", and develops steadily in line with the goal of oushuo products and quality model. In North China, East China, northwest, southwest, major cities have established more than ten sales and after-sales service outlets.