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Price of automatic car washer

2019-05-22 10:31

Car washing industry is an emerging industry, the overall development trend is good. Now many gas stations are also familiar with marketing methods, adding some free vehicle services, such as how much gas can be automatically washed a car wait. This way can not only relieve the anxiety of waiting for gas, but also increase the popularity of gas stations. The tunnel car wash was invented by an American. Advantage: wash car speed fast. You can wash your car continuously. It usually takes about three minutes to wash a car. But the continuous speed is faster. Suitable for washing more than 120 cars a day store. Disadvantages: strict requirements on the site, the client early site construction, the cost is also relatively large. It also consumes more water and electricity. The cost of tunnel car washing machine is relatively high. It is recommended to purchase more than 200,000 tunnel machines. If it is too cheap, the quality may be defective. The price is concerned with quality, the price nature with configuration high is a bit more expensive, cannot go after a price only so low, because there is no fixed and unified selling price.