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Technology contained in intelligent car washing machine

2020-04-10 16:47

What's the difference between the so-called intelligent car washing machine on the market now and the car washing machine ten years ago? Why is it called intelligence? Today, let's answer this question.

Why car washing machine can be called intelligent car washing machine now.

Because the present car washing machine can realize: one key automatic cleaning, waxing, drying; it can also monitor the data of car movement, engine sound, temperature, humidity, light intensity and electromagnetic interference in real time. In the future, the intelligent car washing machine can detect the amount of car washing liquid remaining, the degree of paint loss, and even know how many times the paint has been repaired.

The first key technology product is sensors.

The common sensors in our life are resistance sensor, frequency conversion power sensor, weighing sensor, resistance strain sensor, etc. The application of sensors has penetrated into every aspect of life, for example, there are sound sensors, magnetic sensors, temperature sensors, GPS receiving sensors on smart phones. It is precisely because of the existence and development of sensors that objects have senses such as touch, taste and smell, so that objects slowly become alive.

Another key technology is artificial intelligence algorithm system.

Ai artificial system controls components through machine learning. There is no dead angle for car washing and blowing, and it is also scratch proof, smash proof and abrasion proof. In view of the bad weather in winter in the north, it can realize self temperature control without freezing.

In the era of data speaking, intelligent car washing machine also adopts the Internet of things data system with the times.

It can realize remote detection and multi terminal control. The Internet of things system realizes the remote detection of network points, and the multi-party rapid control and solution of various problems at the PC end and the mobile end.

If you don't know the difference between intelligent car washing machine and traditional car washing machine.

So, let's recall the scene of using the traditional car wash.

There must be a technician at the side of the machine; when the machine breaks down, it needs to check one circuit at a time; when the car goes in, it needs the staff to command it outside; at the latest, it must close at 11 o'clock at night to have a rest