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Why can intelligent car washing machine realize unattended

2020-04-10 16:49

The Internet of things, as the "Internet connected by all things", is an extension and extension of the Internet, aiming to realize the interconnection of people, machines and things at any time and place.

The network that plays a role of connection is a crucial part. 5g brings fast transmission speed and a large amount of information to accelerate the application landing speed of the Internet of things. Maybe many people don't notice that we have enjoyed the convenience brought by the Internet of things in our daily life, such as the intelligent car washing machine in the neighborhood of the residential area or shopping mall that we often use.

So how does the intelligent car washer automatically complete the car washing process? How can they operate stably when they are unattended?

The intelligent car washing machine realizes the interaction among people, vehicles and machines through sensors, PLC and other components. If intelligent sensors are like human sensory system, "PLC" is like human brain processing system. Generally, the "brain" of intelligent car washing machine on the market is mainly divided into PLC (industrial programmable controller) and CPU (single chip microcomputer), whose quality directly determines the performance of car washing machine. Most of the domestic intelligent car washing machines use PLC.

When the intelligent car washing machine equipped with PLC is working, when the high-speed rotating brush contacts the body, the load of the motor increases, the current sensor will send the received current signal to PLC for processing, and then the fixed program instruction existing in PLC will control the distance between the brush and the body, so it is not necessary to worry about hurting the car due to different vehicle models.