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Product Name:
ZR intelligent full automatic washing, protection and air drying

【Inner width】:3500

【Internal height】:3100


【Car wash size】:5500*2300*2100

product introduction


The borlanc ZR full-automatic washing and air drying machine not only has the functions of vehicle high-pressure washing, coating care, polishing, automatic air drying, etc., but also has more personalized car washing design. Users can freely set the car washing menu, save the cost of car washing on the basis of saving labor and improving efficiency.

function Introduction

Intelligent frequency conversion - 360 degree high pressure washing body

The fuselage is equipped with a special frequency converter, which can obtain a proper cleaning speed. The stainless steel mechanical arm is 360 degrees, high-pressure and uniform around washing. It can intelligently detect the length of the vehicle body, automatically adjust the washing distance, effectively cover the vehicle body, and improve the washing efficiency.


Double cleaning - Dynamic Color Bubble + wipe free car wash solution

Dynamic shampoo can soften the body dirt and improve the efficiency of decontamination. Shampoo is rich in bright factors, but also on the car paint surface to play a good role in protection.

The atomized wipe free car wash liquid covers all parts of the car body evenly by rotating the robot arm. This spray way not only saves the amount of car wash liquid, but also achieves better cleaning effect.


Delicate maintenance - water trend bright coating + embedded air drying system

The high-quality coating liquid of bolanke is used to form a protective layer for the paint surface and improve the brightness of the paint surface. Spray evenly to cover the car body and form a protective film on the surface of the car paint to prevent the corrosion of ultraviolet, acid, alkali and other substances, which can delay the aging of the car paint and extend the service life of the car paint.

The high-efficiency embedded automatic fan components move forward and backward with the equipment, using the design concept of air flow, adopting the design method of polymerization, so that the air volume can be well displayed. In all kinds of car washing scenarios, it can quickly achieve the effect of air drying.


No one is not just scanning code - human computer interaction, 24-hour unattended

The borank car washer can realize human-computer interaction through Alibaba cloud. Through the background of intelligent system, customers can start the car washing equipment simply by scanning the mobile phone code in the car. The whole car washing process can be completed in 5 minutes without any manual operation.


unit exhibition

More personal needs - 15 auxiliary functions for car washing

ZR has more humanized design and provides many auxiliary functions for car washing, such as: customized car washing process, one key operation, fault self inspection, car washing quantity statistics, Internet code scanning car washing, human-computer intelligence, etc. Through these personalized settings, users can better use, manage and maintain the device.


Technical parameters


installation drawing


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